Line-In Recording Tips

CC Witness and WiFi RadioThe CC Witness Plus is an incredibly capable device. In addition to being able to record from the internal AM/FM radio, and an external or built in microphone, it can also record from any audio source plugged into the line-in jack!

This capability is great for recording internet radio, as well as recording AM radio programming directly from a radio with stronger reception. Or hook the CC Witness up to your record player and record your vinyl collection onto it. Then you can easily hook your CC Witness Plus into you computer and have complete control of storing, sharing, and duplicating your collection.

CC Witness Line-In Recording

You'll need three items in order to record using the line-in jack on the CC Witness Plus. The first item is your audio source. This could be just about anything that plays audio and has a line-out or headphone jack. The second item is the 1/8th inch to 1/8th inch stereo patch cable that is included with the CC Witness Plus. (If you can't find the one that came with the Witness, don't worry. These cables are very common and easy to find at any local electronics store) The third item you'll need is the CC Witness Plus.

Now just plug the 1/8th inch stereo patch cable into the headphone jack of the audio source. Connect the other end of the cable into the "Mic/Line In" jack on the CC Witness Plus. Finally, just cue up your audio on the source, and press record on the CC Witness Plus.

CC Witness Audio Source Headphone JackCC Witness 1/8th inch plugCC Witness 1/8th inch plugCC Witness Input Jack

Before you actually make the recording, check your record settings. Make sure the "Mic/Line Choice" is set to "Line-in Stereo". You can also check the "Line-in Quality" setting and choose the recording quality level that suits your needs best.

Extra Tip: Free Music

Personalized radio services like or offer great options for customized music streaming. With these services, you may select a specific artist, song, or musical genre (category), then just sit back and relax as the service creates a personalized radio station based on your input. You can also use services like or to create personalized lists of songs. Either way (personalized radio, or personalized playlists) you can record the music to your CC Witness Plus. This is a great way to get the music you want without having to purchase the actual files.

CC Witness Automatic Song Separation

To record extended streams of music, like vinyl records, FM or internet radio, but separate each song into individual tracks, all you'll need to do is set your CC Witness Plus to automatically create a new track for each song.

To do this, go to the main menu by pressing the "MENU" button. Then select "Settings", and go to "Record Settings". Next, go all the way to the bottom of that folder and select "Create Tracks". Then adjust how much silence will be required to trigger the creation of a new track. You can choose between three, four and five seconds of silence before the CC Witness Plus will create a new track.

Witness Main Menu CC Witness Record Settings CC Witness Create Track CC Witness Create Track

CC Witness Recording from a line-out jack

In-Line Volume Control Did your line-in recording end up distorted sounding? When recording audio from the line-out jack of a device, you may need to use an in-line attenuator to prevent the signal from overdriving the CC Witness Plus, causing distortion. There are plenty of nice audio signal attenuators available, but a simple In-Line Volume Controlwill do the trick. You could also record from the headphone jack instead, but sometimes there may not be one available.