F. A. Q.'s

  RECORDING - Voice, Music, Radio? 
  What kind of recording time can I expect from a CC Witness?

Kilobits Per Second = (kbps)
1,024 kilobits = 1 Megabit (Mb)

Recording time on 2GB:

32kbps ~ 140 hours
64kbps ~ 70 hours
128kbps ~ 35 hours
256kbps ~ 17.5 hours

An average song length of 4 minutes recorded at 128kbps takes up about 3.75MB of memory. So, a CC Witness with 2GB of memory can store 500+ songs recorded at 128kbps.

  Does the CC Witness record in Stereo?

The CC Witness can record in stereo when recording from the FM band, or the Mic/Line Input.

  What sorts of file formats are supported?

The CC Witness will playback both MP3 and WMA formats. However, the CC Witness will only record in the MP3 format.

  Can the CC Witness play files recorded at 320kbps in full quality?


  Can the CC Witness display the titles to the MP3 songs?

Yes, the ID3 Tag Support function must be enabled.

  Can the CC Witness record from another radios headphone jack?

Yes. First set the volume of the radio to a normal listening level. Next, connect the included recording patch cable between the earphone jack of the radio and the MIC/LINE IN of the CC Witness. Navigate to the main MENU screen on the CC Witness, then press record. You can monitor your recording by using the built-in speakers or headphone jack of the CC Witness.

For higher quality recording, use a radios line-output jack instead of the headphone jack and connect to the MIC/LINE IN of the CC Witness. When using a radios line-output, the recording level is fixed and cannot be changed.

  Does the CC Witness work with iTunes?

Yes and no. The iTunes program itself will not sync with the CC Witness, but it is still possible to copy iTunes audio files to the CC Witness. The iTunes audio must first be downloaded or converted to MP3 format using iTunes before the CC Witness will accept it. To convert audio to MP3 format in iTunes follow these instructions:

  1. Open preferences:
    1. From a PC click the Edit menu and select Preferences.
    2. From a MAC click iTunes and select Preferences.
  2. Select the General tab and then select the Importing tab.
  3. Change Import using to Mp3 Encoder, then select OK

All future downloads will be imported in MP3 format. To convert an existing file to mp3 format simply select the audio file, then select Convert Selection to MP3 from the advanced menu.

After the iTunes audio is in MP3 format you can drag and drop or copy and paste it from the iTunes Music folder to the CC Witness. The iTunes Music folder is found in My Music on a PC and Music on a MAC.

  Can I record music from my computer or WiFi Radio?

The CC Witness does a great job of recording music from the popular websites like Pandora, Slacker or Rhapsody. If the time interval between songs is similar then the CC Witness can be set up to create music tracks automatically.

C. Crane encourages you to purchase the music when you like a song. Here are three places to purchase royalty free MP3 music. It is easy to do. The quality is very high at 256KBS or higher. The songs cost about $1.00 each at all three places.

Amazon MP3 (http://www.amazonmp3.com/)
Wal-Mart Music (http://musicdownloads.walmart.com/)
Napster (http://www.napster.com/)

  Which SD cards have you verified are compatible with the CC Witness?

As of firmware version 2.41: SanDisk 2GB Class 2 SDSDB-2048-A11 SanDisk 2GB Class 2 SDSDB-2048-AW11 SanDisk 4GB Class 4 SDSDB-4096-A11 SanDisk 8GB Class 4 SDSDB-8192 SanDisk 16GB Class 4 SDSDB-016G-A11 SanDisk Extreme III 4GB Class 6 SDSDX3-004G (Manufacturer/Capacity/Class/Product Number from packaging)

  Which SD cards have you verified are not compatible with the CC Witness?

As of firmware version 2.41: SanDisk 16GB SDSDRH-016G-A11 (Manufacturer/Capacity/Class/Product Number from packaging)

  How many radio presets does the CC Witness have?

Each radio band has 10 presets (20 total).

  Does the CC Witness come with a memory card?

No. The CC Witness ships with 2 GB of internal memory.

  What are the possible sleep timer settings?

You can set the sleep timer for 15, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, 240 or 300 minutes.

  What are the possible back light timer settings?

You can set the back light to be illuminated for 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds.

  Can the external memory card be formatted without a computer?

Yes. When using a new memory card, format the card inside the unit BEFORE trying to record on the card.

If the memory card has been used in any other device (Digital Camera, MP3 Player, etc) you must first format the card using a computer and then again in the CC Witness BEFORE using the card.

  Which type of USB Interface does the CC Witness use?

USB 2.0, the cord used is a male 24 pin to USB type A male. The type A male USB is what the average USB connector looks like.

  If the firmware is upgraded on the CC Witness, do all the stored functions and settings go away?


  How come the CC Witness keeps shutting off?

The CC Witness shuts off automatically if it remains idle for 3 minutes (by default). You can adjust the amount of time that passes before auto shut-off occurs by configuring the 'Auto Off Time' function in the 'System Settings' menu options.

  What is the Lock Switch located on the right side of the CC Witness for?

With the Lock Switch 'on' (in the UP position) the CC Witness is locked. No settings can be changed while the Lock Switch is on.

  When I play purchased music from Amazon on my CC Witness VBR is displayed for the quality. What does VBR mean?

VBR is an abbreviation for Variable Bit Rate. When a file is recorded in VBR the bitrate dynamically changes depending on the complexity and loudness of the music. A simple quite passage may record at 32 Kbps. A loud complex song will record at 320 Kbps. High quality recordings can be made this way without making an unnecessarily large file.

  The CC Witness is hooked up to my PC. What do I do now?

Click on the 'My Computer' icon. Look for a removable disk icon, usually displayed as Drive E or F. Double click on the disk icon belonging to the CC Witness. Files from the PC can now be downloaded onto the CC Witness via dragging and dropping, copying and pasting, etc. Likewise, files can be uploaded to the PC from the CC Witness using these same methods.

Note: 2 GB SD Cards can only hold 420 MB on the root directory. To place more than 420 MB on the SD card, simply create a folder on the root directory and place the files inside of that folder.

  Is the CC Witness compatible with Windows Vista Operating System?


  How large is the display on the CC Witness?

The display measures 1.85" diagonally.

  How can I send a CC Witness recording to someone over the internet when I am on the road?

We recommend using a laptop with a cellular PC card or WiFi antenna for mobile internet service. Once connected to the internet, simply transfer your recording to the laptop and email it to the desired location.

  Does the CC Witness support a 2GB memory card?

Yes. In fact it can support up to a 16GB card.

  Will the witness accept the SDHC cards?

Yes, it has the necessary firmware to do so.

  Can I store files other than audio on the CC Witness using a computer?

Yes, you can store any type of file in the memory of the CC Witness using a computer. Only MP3 and WMA files will be visible when viewing the CC Witness display. Non audio and other types of files will only be visible when browsing the CC Witness memory files with a computer.

  What is the maximum number of files that can be held on the CC Witness?

The CC Witness has a limitation of 2000 files.

  How do files recorded on the CC Witness display?

The recording files are displayed as the month, day, year, time, track, source/frequency, and file format. For example, depending on which method you used to record the files would look like:




Built-in Mic


  What type of battery is in the CC Witness?

The CC Witness uses a rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery pack.

  How long does it take to charge the battery?

It takes roughly 4 hours to completely charge the internal battery.

  How long does a fully charged battery last?

A fully charged battery will give you about 15-16 hours of playtime or 8 hours of record time before you need to recharge it again.

  How can I power and charge the CC Witness when I am on the road?

The BoxWave VersaCharger Pro is a great power source for home, on the road and in a car. The Box Wave does produce a buzzing when listening to live AM radio so if this is your forte' then stick with the AC adapter (included in the CC Witness Accessory Kit). This oversized AC adapter is designed for low noise and good AM listening.

  Is the AM reception any good?

The AM reception is good when tuned to a strong signal. The AM tuner in the CC Witness will not receive distant AM stations like the CCRadio plus. With the display screen off reception is better. It is also possible to record from a better AM radio using the CC Witness input jack.

  Does the tuner receive FM Stereo?

Yes, the CC Witness receives FM Stereo.

  If earphones are in use, where is the FM antenna wire plugged in?

The earphones also act as an FM antenna when in use. When listening to the CC Witness via the internal speakers, you can plug the FM antenna wire into the earphone jack. The FM antenna and earphones cannot both be used at the same time.

  Where is the CC Witness manufactured?

The CC Witness is the exclusive of C. Crane for several countries. It is manufactured in South Korea.